by Sinoptik

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This album is filled with our vision of cosmos and the humanity in it. This is a story about a man, who was thrown into deep space with a colossal strength under the roaring of rocket engines. It's about long months of loneliness in sterile silence of the spaceship, which is only rarely disturbed by clicking and humming of the instrument panel. Our space traveller fills the immense emptiness around him with memories of Earth and his close ones, left far away.

When he reaches the edge of known, he is faced with a choice: to come back or to step into the scary obscurity. In the moment of despair, the explorer wins inside him, and the traveller takes off into the journey, equally spiritual and physical. Time is no more a trustful orientation cue in the place, where unexplained and unperceived forces dominate. The lonely man becomes a toy in the hands of these forces. But going through this path till the end, our hero gets an opportunity to come back, and he finally hears the sound of ocean waves, caressing the spaceship's body. But maybe its only the radio-frequency noise from the solar wind and he simply went insane...


released December 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Sinoptik Los Angeles, California

Digital Stoner meets Psychedelic Rock. Three generations of rock'n'roll in one shot.

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Track Name: Bullet's Taste
It's hard to believe what you expect
It's easy to trust those who go. Yes! In Fact!
It's hard to keep quiet, but it's harder to say
It’s so easy if your love’s in bay!

It’s hard to stop drinking, but easy to start
Gathering slowly than falling apart
Where’s the beginning and where is the end
Nobody knows, but your love is a special friend

No! No! You’re killing me
Your bullet’s taste is unsavory
Love is cure you will see
If you aint absentee
Track Name: Bone House
I wrote a song
Go on and listen
That's all you'll hear
When I go missing

I always get the things I want

I make a nest For your hair
I lay you down I lay you there
I build a ship I sink or sail
Every tooth And every nail

I always get the things I want

I put your heart In a vault
That's how I get The things I want

I lay a road For your mind
So your mind
Can Go go go go
Track Name: 16/58
So heavy load
To believe in wonder!
Yes it’s so cold
Dive in to the water!

Let your heart caught the love again
Yes it knows how to! Love is main! (bane)

Only the roads
Know the price of the winds!
Run! Stranger Run!
Over hills and dales. (You’ll Win)

Yes I will see in a while
And I will live and I’ll find
I will survive and I know
I'm alone

I do not owe anybody
I am not under custody
I'm changing like the sea
I am free
Track Name: Alex Is Her Name
I got an old friend \ living in a little town
He’s lord of the local \ underground
He had one old car, one new car, pretty daughter and wife
But somebody knows about his \ secret life

For the whole last year \ he can't sleep at night
He got affection to the girl \ who crashed his restful life
In bed they broke all speed limits \ running through the night
He wanted get her anyway \ and finely left his wife

Don't rush to judge my good old friend \ for his imprudent love
He writes his weird songs again \ and even starts to draw
there is one another girl \ he never can betray
She’s only five years old \ and Alex is her name
Track Name: Gold On The Ceiling
Down in the waves
She screams again
Roar at the door
My mind can't take much more
I could never drown in
They wanna get my
They wanna get my
Gold on the ceiling
I ain't blind
Just a matter of time
Before you steal it
It's alright
Ain't no guard in my house
Clouds covered love's
Barbed wired snare
Strung up, strung out
I just can't go without
I could never drown in
Track Name: Give Me Your Hand
If you do, do not scream
If you do not see the gleam
Then I’ts late To stay alive
Whoever wins – will he get the prize?

But if you will, you will scream
and if you feel, feel the stream
For me and You, it won't be easy
Carry the fire through the den of winds.

Life without you
And I won’t be true
Be forever suffering
Give me your hand
Just Give me your hand
Track Name: Serpentine
You said that you would never say
Cross your heart and hope to fade away
I am the earth, I thought you were the sun
But you’re the whole damn milky way

Deep into the monsters eye
Dancing round the dirty and love
We could go frolic in the meadows
We could go swimming in the serpentine

Take this life into your peril
Take my hand, I’ll take the world,
I know you wouldn’t want it any other way
Track Name: Wait For Me
When you're lost and fall apart
you become an immigrant
roads are changing one by one
all you do is run, run, run

ever changing blister blue
hand in hand... oh, I miss you!
Miss your eyes and rosy lips
far away my soul eclipse

wait for me, wait for me
I know its hard
wait for me, wait for me
in your heart

You my queen, my prince, my heart
From the start. I know you.
Never lose your godlike sharm
Thru the years I love you.

You got me down and got me high
Now I can feel the fire.
When you're lost and fall apart
Never feel this fire.